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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fall Across the Blue

As every year a hint of winter cloaks the sky in grey, reptiles go below the ground and Monarchs march away as bobcat coats grow thick and tinged in frosted desert hues; shades of summer fading into Fall across the blue.  As every year, I’m bound to reminisce on all the summer things I’ll miss.

I’ll miss the sun, but not how hot it gets. The heady scent of desert rain, but not so much the wet. Hummers in the highlands and flowers in the yard, baby quail that wander as parents keep close guard. And that doesn’t even include all the summer adventures (every vacation is an adventure for us!) we have along the way.

No longer summer and not yet winter (we pretty much have only the two seasons); such an anxious time.  And seeing Halloween costumes on sale right next to summer clearance sales effectively heightens that nagging feeling of being in limbo.  It seems as though it’s too soon to let go of summer and too soon to start the holiday season.  So I think I slip into sandals and dig out some Halloween decorations!

Is it Fall where you are? If you celebrate Halloween, when do you begin to decorate and plan?

May your Sunday be serene, your week ahead be wonderful!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. This is our first year in Arizona, so it has been fun to see how the seasons evolve. Fall is definitely in the air in the mornings here, but still warm afternoons. I too have enjoyed baby quail watching


    1. Good to see you Betty! And welcome to Arizona :-) If you're used to cooler temps, you'll find our northern area to be quite nice. We spend the better part of each summer in the White Mountains, but this time of year the weather turns nice everywhere. We rarely get snow where I live, but I bet you will at your place.


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