"A book is the best of friends, the same today and forever." ~ Martin Tupper

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Witch's Broom

Of all the kids in Mrs. Snicker’s class, three were stand-out students. And not just because they were smart, but because they were, well, different. You see, gentle James never spoke a word, sociable Cory couldn’t stop talking and bubbly Zorinda was quite forgetful. But they were all best friends and were discussing Halloween costumes while walking home from school one afternoon when Cory announced he was going to be a Pirate. James, then hung his arms to his knees and walked around like an Ape.

“Oh no!” Zorinda exclaimed “Cory, you need to be a Warlock and James, a Vampire because I am a witch!”

“Aw,” Cory groaned “I’m not gonna be a Warlock just because you want to be a Witch.”
“I said I am a Witch.” 

James’ eyes grew wide, but Cory scoffed.  “Oh, yeah? Then where’s your broom?” 

“I don’t remember.” Zorinda shrugged and chewed her bottom lip.

James suddenly clapped for attention and pointed to brooms on display at the hardware store.

“I can’t just buy a magic broom, James. But thanks anyway.” Zorinda gave him a hug. “Will you guys help me find my broom?”

The kids looked high and low and everywhere for days with no luck. Cory wished Zorinda would just pick something else to be for Halloween and James still walked like an Ape sometimes. Then Cory had an idea.

“When was the last time you saw your broom?” he asked Zorinda on the way to school one day.
But before she could answer, the schoolyard monitor ushered them into the school building for an emergency announcement. It seemed there was a bully running loose and until he or she was caught there would be no Halloween celebrations. The entire room groaned in disappointment, everyone talked at once until the Principal dismissed them all to their classes.

“I wonder where James is.” Zorinda whispered.

“Me too, he’s never late for school. We’ll look for him at lunch time.” Cory whispered back.

When James wasn’t around at lunch time, Cory and Zorinda decided they would go to his house after school. Maybe he was sick or something. Along the way they found one of James’ school books lying in the dirt, and then another. They ran the rest of the way and banged on James’ door. A white-haired lady with sky-blue eyes let them in, but put a finger to her lips to shush them.

“Oh, James!” Zorinda cried when she saw him lying on a sofa in the dimly lit room. He had an icepack on his face. For once, Cory was speechless.

“I wish I had my magic broom! I’d make this all better!” Zorinda declared.

“You don’t need magic for that, honey.” The white-haired lady gave Zorinda a hug.

“Yeah, you should see the other guy.” James said in a raspy voice.

Cory’s jaw dropped and Zorinda squealed with delight. “You can talk!” she gushed.

When the Principal announced the next day that the bully had been identified and Halloween festivities could go on everyone cheered and clapped. 

“But who was it?” asked someone in the crowded room.

“Do we care?” said the Principal and the whole crowd spoke as one: “NO!”

There was only a trace of a bruise left on James’ face when the three friends went to the hardware store to buy Zorinda’s new broom. He made the others laugh when he put a bucket on his head and danced in the narrow isle! Then Zorinda surprised her friends by announcing that she wouldn’t be a Witch for Halloween after all, but teasingly wouldn’t tell them what the broom was for.  “Wait and see.” She said.

Shera Trist

What do you think Zorinda will be for Halloween? What will you be? What was the best costume you ever wore?