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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Thimble Solution

Patchwork –Where tiny humanlike beings called threads are roughly the size of buttersticks and seeking to survive in a world where little things must bring big results.
“Welcome to the medley!”

           A new spool had begun with an old problem. Rig couldn’t remember when it had been so dry. When rain did fall it quickly disappeared into the thirsty dirt, leaving no puddles to speak of. And puddles were important to the threads, not just for nourishment and cleanliness, but for travel and playtime as well. Rig raked a hand through his rainbow colored hair and wondered what to do. The threads were becoming positively stinky! And they were getting grumpier by the day. Rig had to come up with an idea of how to help. The threads of Patchwork needed a solution—fast!
           For many spools, the threads had used Rig’s idea of Eucalyptus leaves and bark to navigate the once plentiful puddles. It was a means of fast transportation for threads – as well as for carrying needed supplies.  A trip to the Aloe Vera field was long over due and it had been months since they’d had any cactus fruit. But without rain puddles, they would have to walk and it would take a week or more on threadfoot. And how would they manage to bring the supplies back to Patchwork?
           A slight tremor on the ground brought Rig out of his pondering and he quickly took cover under a broccoli head as Lark came thundering past on the back of a spry Desert Spiny. No one knew just how Lark ever tamed the lizard enough to ride on, but he had. He named the lizard Zipper.
         “YaHoo!”  Lark hollered gleefully, his black hair streaming behind like a victory banner.
          Rig shook his head. That kid should be a thimble instead of showing off all the time. But Lark seemed to be the only thread smiling these days. Maybe he was on to something, Rig thought.
          Bubbles was weaving soft, thin mesquite leaves into what would be used as new hammocks for the threads. She waved as Rig approached.
        “Hi, Rig” she smiled, “How’s your day?” she asked.
Though, still as pleasant as always, Rig noticed her yellow hair was dirty and there were bits of twigs entwined, but her emerald eyes were as bright as ever.
         “I’m working on a solution.” Rig told her.
         “Solution?” She said, puzzled. “You mean, like a promise?”
         “More like a resolution. I simply must solve our problem somehow.”
         “Any ideas on how? We can’t just make it rain. ” Bubbles set her weaving aside.
Shrugging, Rig gazed off in the distance to where Lark and his reptile friend were doing burn-outs and kicking up small tufts of dust.
           “Yes! I just now got an idea!” he answered, “All I need is a plan –and I know exactly who can be my thimble!” Rig exclaimed with delight and ran off to speak with Lark.
            “Good luck” Bubbles called after him.

Until next time, think big!

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