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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Laughing On Paper

Who doesn’t love a good joke or riddle? And when you’ve just read one of the funniest things, haven’t you kind of wanted to write something funny too?  This is not only the first step in becoming a great young writer; it also increases reading comprehension or, in other words, understanding of the written words as they are being used.
Will you join me in a bowl of soup? Do you think there’s room for both of us?

Why did the bear tiptoe through the campsite? He didn’t want to wake the sleeping bags.

What is even smarter than a talking bird? A spelling bee.

When is it very bad luck to see a black cat? When you’re a mouse.

Are you superstitious? Do you avoid stepping on sidewalk cracks? If you spill salt at the table, do you toss a bit of it over your shoulder? Do you open umbrellas indoors?

Early Egyptians considered the shade of an umbrella sacred space, where only royalty could be. By the 18th century, umbrellas were being used as protection from rain, as well as from sun, and the superstition regarding opening one indoors is believed to have come from London, when injuries and arguments arose among family members of careless umbrella users.

That’s nice to know, but I probably still wouldn’t open an umbrella indoors, would you?

I used to love finding a four-leaf clover. I always picked up a penny, hoping for good luck all day. I’ve had two black cats who never gave me bad luck, but crossed my path quite often. I don’t have a rabbit’s foot, but I do have a small flying pig.

That’s it for me today, what are you thinking about?

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