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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Creeping Around in the Cosmos!

About this time of year I start to feel a little wistful. It’s not only the end of summer adventures but the beginning of fall; two fairly big deals when you consider saying goodbye to summer fun and hello to the holiday season! Hard to feel too awful bad, isn’t it? 

Monsoons are one of my favorite summer events because they happen when and wherever they please, once they’ve grabbed your rapt attention with explosions of thunder and spectacular lightning displays, that is. Usually it’s a good thing; our rivers finally run! But sometimes…well, a picture often tells a story.  Yeah, that was a bit close for comfort but a good rain helped immensely! 

I have been excited about September for quite a while and can’t keep the secret any longer! Coming up on the 4th the venerable Miss Lady Chrys Fey is hosting a promo for my latest book! Isn’t she just the sweetest? I can’t wait to return the favor. And by the way, her blog is one you’ll want to stop by often for tons of remarkable posts! 

September is “Happy Cat Month”!

And it’s “National Children’s Good Manners Month”!
 You can do this, Kiddos. And it doesn’t hurt a bit! In fact, you’ll be amazed how many smiles you’ll get and remember, manners matter!

Developing News:
 It seems that a Wisper from Symatron, was seen creeping in the shadows at Cosmic Café!

You may remember the Wispers are those kids who keep disappearing from earth to be in charge of things in nature, like wind and rain and flatulence—okay, maybe not the last one.

Questions abound as to what this might mean for two intergalactic deputies (Spicatrons); one of whom is actually a secret shape-changer and not really from Spica, as they oversee the Tasborgs with a Wisper in their midst who might not be a Wisper at all!
Stay tuned for updates or see for yourself at streampebbles.com!

 How do you feel about the onset of Fall? Do you have a favorite holiday? 

Until again, be well, be happy--and read! :-)

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