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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Breaking News! A truant Tooth Fairy caught in the act...

Breaking News!
This just in from the folks at 
 It Could Happen:

Tooth Fairy Plays Hooky!

Can you imagine a world where even the Tooth Fairy sneaks a day off sometimes?

We bring you this incredible news from Holeysock Creek where young Jeffrey K. left his tooth under his pillow last Friday night only to find that it was still there in the morning! Frustrated, Jeffrey asked us to investigate and what we discovered might surprise you! Instead of sneaking off to frolic in the moondust, play some glitter golf or shop on the Milky Way, the troublesome Tooth Fairy had run off—are you ready for this?—to get married! What in the world could this mean for Jeffrey and his remaining teeth? Well, we asked that very question a few days later and are pleased to announce that Jeffrey now has two Tooth Fairies and ended up getting twice the amount for the one he lost last Friday!

Aw, I love happy endings, don’t you? But you know, kids didn’t always get money in exchange for their teeth. Nope. Centuries ago when a child lost a tooth his parents would bury it in the garden so that another strong and healthy tooth would grow in its place. It wasn’t until later, when apartments became popular and gardens were not, that baby teeth were stashed under pillows and exchanged for treats.  Legend has it that it was a dentist who first introduced the popular idea of trading baby teeth for money. Do you think it was a good idea?

And did you know the tradition is so old that Tooth Fairies actually have their own day to celebrate now? Yep. Just like Teacher Day or Groundhog Day. It’s August 22, a Saturday this year, and I wonder if any of them will take the day off? Let me know if you find out :-)

Until again, be well, be happy—and read!

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