"A book is the best of friends, the same today and forever." ~ Martin Tupper

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brand New Box

Hello again! Have you had a wonderful summer? Did you go on a long vacation away from where you live? And isn’t it always nice to get back home? I feel that way even after short vacations! In fact, we just returned from a trip to the mountains where we camped in the woods, did some fly-fishing (not me, of course!) and even enjoyed campfires in the rain!

Isn’t is hard to believe it’s the end of summer vacation already? Time has a way of zooming by when we’re busy with projects, books (I’ve read five, how about you?), and summer vacation adventures. And speaking of being busy, my friend Benjy has sure had his hands full in my latest book called Sawdust! Here, see for yourself:

It’s a pretty big deal when a new kid comes to Sawdust, and it’s an even bigger deal to Benjy when she’s a real pretty girl who watches him lose his title as marble champ on her very first day! Before long, Ronnie the new girl fits right in with the gang and Benjy begins to win his marbles back but a troubling problem arises when everyone’s stuff starts disappearing. Benjy is dismayed to think there is a thief among them, but he’s determined to find out who it is…

And that’s only the beginning of Benjy’s summer! Are you hooked yet? Get your copy here.

Back to school sure is an exciting time for everyone each year. New friends, old friends will all have enough adventures to share to keep you talking at recess clear to Halloween! And how about the new teacher? If that is a scary thought for you, I’ll tell you what my grandma told me: The teacher is just as anxious as you are! So put on your best “Nice to meet you” smile and go for it!

My favorite back to school supply (Yes, I really have a favorite!) is that brand new box of crayons! Oh, not that crayons don’t color just as well when they’re not brand new and sharpened, for me it’s the thrill of all the new colors for a collection of all new pictures! How about you? What’s your favorite school supply, and why?

See, I may use pencils, pens and a keyboard these days, but I always have a box of crayons (though sometimes not brand new) in my bottom right hand drawer!

Until again, be happy, be well—and read!

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