"A book is the best of friends, the same today and forever." ~ Martin Tupper

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bubbles from Streampebbles

 Come see what's bubbling!

It had been a week in coming and just about everybody knew there was trouble brewing in Tombstone.  Yes sir-ree.  See, there was these two young cowboys, Quickdraw and Sureshot, who just couldn’t get along for love nor marbles. But they’d agreed on one thing, by golly, and that was to have a showdown right in front of Big Nose Kate’s on the last night of the month of October – which just so happened to be Halloween.  

One thing about Ole Blue, he speaks his mind, or Dustin’s, that is. For the past six years Dustin and Ole Blue have talked over a lot of subjects. Dustin feels like he can trust his pet rat. He has often told Ole Blue that everyone needs someone whom he can confide in.
Depression is a visitor who comes for breakfast and stays through dinner. Often this unwanted guest would visit Dustin. Like a black cloud over a long awaited picnic, depression would come and pester Dustin. Knowing that he had one true friend, Dustin would turn to Ole Blue for comfort.  

I was dismayed when I arrived at Bella’s stall and she stood alone. But I could sense that Blue was nearby or at least, had been.  I turned and nearly screamed to find Blue standing behind me! How did he keep doing that?
“Hi.” I managed to squeak “I - I came to help. If you want, that is…” my voice trailed off.
Blue merely nodded and handed me a brush as his gazed lingered on my face long enough to make me blush.  It was my first encounter with Bella since that fateful night and when he saw my hesitation, Blue gave a nod of encouragement and we brushed in silence for a while. 

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