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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stream Pebbles


A much favored summer event in the southwest is not even a holiday, but a long-awaited and often miss-predicted season of rejuvenating rain which can transfix or terrorize, depending on where a person happens to be during a powerful storm. Still, we wait all year for monsoon and once it begins we become avid daily sky-watchers, each of us hoping it’ll rain at our house.
July is most certainly America’s month, most notably the 4th of July and all it stands for. I’m surprised we don’t celebrate the entire month! But let’s not forget other historical events such as Neil Armstrong landing on the moon (1969), the US Postal System was established (1775) and the Rosetta stone was discovered (No, not the language-learning program) by an officer in Napoleon’s army (1799). 
The discovery of the Rosetta Stone, a 1600 pound slab of black granite, inscribed in three different languages, was an important key to deciphering the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and thereby revealing hitherto unknown history. The stone was appropriated by the British and has remained the most visited object in the British Museum ever since.  Though the name Rosetta Stone basically applies to any key to a mystery, the language-learning program company uses it as registered trademark term.   ancienthistory.about.com

Disneyland celebrates another birthday in July! In fifty-eight years the entrance fee has risen only ninety-eight dollars! Not too awful when you think of it that way, huh? In addition to all the rides and attractions there are numerous fun facts that you might not see no matter how many times you visit. For instance, did you know real human bones were used for the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride? Some still remain.  Walt Disney’s opening speech: “To all who have come to Disneyland, welcome…” is continuously played in Morse code near the train station.  What will you discover next time you go?   Sara Tennant - suite101.com

It is National Recreation Month, folks. And we’re probably going to need it after we celebrate days for Fried Chicken, Chocolate, Sugar Cookie, Ice cream, Lasagna and Cheesecake! Good thing we can enjoy all this while celebrating aunts, uncles, parents, cows – and pot-bellied pigs! I’m sure we’ll all
give a thought to Cheering up the lonely (11th), I know I will.
As always we appreciate your comments and submissions and look forward to sharing your summer adventures! Until next time, enjoy this edition of Streampebbles!

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