"A book is the best of friends, the same today and forever." ~ Martin Tupper

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Share the Enrichment

How do those delicately shimmering aspen leaves manage to remain attached in a windstorm? Why does the jumping cactus jump? How do birds land on saguaros without getting poked? 

The melding of children and nature is a powerful union; affording practical wisdom and advancing innate curiosity toward further discovery while instilling an appreciation for the preservation of one of the most fundamental sources of knowledge on earth – nature.

A perfectly natural response to the exhilaration of discovery is the desire to share what we’ve learned; how we feel.  Whether whispered in awe of a sunset at dusk or echoed through a deep canyon pass, expressed in lyrical song or depicted in colorful chalk on a sidewalk, we all share.

In association with a lifelong fascination with books and the captivating stories within, writing is my expression of choice with which to share the extraordinary enrichment of reading – for leisure, for learning, for life.  

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